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What does the error message on my hot tub mean?

What does the error message on my hot tub mean? - Click to enlarge

An error message appears on your keyboard and you don't understand what it means? Here is a list of the main error messages, and the steps to solve the problem.

Note that the error messages are different depending on the model of control system installed on your spa. This list is still evolving and all messages may not be listed. Do not hesitate to refer to your manufacturer's instructions for use, and to contact us for any request.

Spas using Balboa control systems

  • OH, OH5, SPA TEMP LMT: Hot tub overheating.  The temperature detected in the spa is above 43.5°C.
  • HH, OHH, HTR TEMP LMT: Heater overheating.  The temperature detected in the heater is above 48°C.
  • HOt, HOT-CALL SVC : Contact us. This is not good...
  • SA, SnA, SnH, SENSOR A, Sb, Snb, SENSOR B, SERVICE RQD : These messages mean that one of the sensors is defective or disconnected.
  • Sn, SnS, SENSOR SYNC : A temperature difference was detected between the two M7 sensors. This may be temporary or one of the sensors is defective
  • IC, ICE, FREEZE COND : If the temperature is below 7°C, then all the equipment is switched on. As soon as 7°C is reached, the pumps and blowers will run for 4 minutes and then the spa will resume normal operation.
  • FL, FLO, HL, HFL, HTR FLOW LOW, LF, LOW FLOW : Refer to the FLO Article.
  • dr, dry, HEATER MAY BE DRY, dY, dr4 : This can be an air bubble in the heating circuit or a lack of flow in the heater.
  • Sn1 : The Hi-limit overheating sensor may be defective
  • Sn3 : The temperature sensor may be defective
  • COOL : The temperature has dropped 10°C below the required temperature

Spas using Gecko X and Y series control systems

  • Hr : The system has detected an internal error. Try to restart the spa
  • HL : The temperature detected in the heater has reached 48°C. This may be a real overheating, or the e Hi-limit sensor is not connected properly or is defective. You can try to restart the spa. There are several other possible causes, do not hesitate to contact us
  • Prr : The temperature sensor has a problem, it may be disconnected or it gives wrong values. In this case, it should be replaced. If the problem is not solved by replacing it, the problem may be on the card.
  • FLO : No pressure was detected when the pump was turned on. Follow these steps
  • UPL : The system does not detect the presence of a program
  • AOH : The temperature under the spa is too high, open the spa cover to lower the temperature.
  • OH : The water temperature has reached 42°C. If the temperature is 42°C, let the spa cool by opening the cover and/or adding cold water. If the temperature does not match the indicated temperature, restart the spa. If the error persists, contact us

Spas using Astrel, Gecko SSPA and MSPA control systems

  • Er 1 : The pump configured for circulation and heating is not the one detected during teach-in.
  • Er 2 : Misconnection relating to the speed connection of a pump
  • Er 3 : Misconnection or connection not consistent with the detection made during learning. Heater not detected during configuration
  • Lock P : Partial locking, only the pump, the blower and the light buttons are active
  • Lock F : Complete blocking, no key is active
  • FLC : Flow detection when he shouldn't have any. Either a setting or the flow sensor or the pressure switch is defective
  • FLO : No flow detection when there should be. Idem
  • HOH : Temperature detected above 55°C. The Hi-limit probe may be involved, or it is overheating
  • rPF : The temperature detected in the spa is outside the given temperatures (below 0°C or above 60°C). Temperature sensor problem
  • HPF : The temperature detected by the Hi-limit sensor is outside the given temperatures (below 0°C or above 60°C). Hi-limit sensor problem

Spas using ACC control systems

  • COLD : The water temperature is below 4°C. Only the circulation pump will run above 4°C
  • OH : The water temperature is above 42°C. If this message is displayed, do not enter the spa.
  • SESH ou SEOP : The temperature sensor is defective. The hot tub will continue to operate but will no longer heat up
  • HLer : The Hi-limit sensor is disconnected, defective or has detected a temperature of 45°C
  • PSOL ou PSOH ou PSOC : No pressure detected with flow sensor or pressure switch. This message would be related to a debit problem

Spas using Spa Power control systems

  • Error 1 : The heater did not start properly and no flow was detected in the heater. Press the "lower temperature" button, the main pump will start for 10 seconds and try to purge the circuit.
  • Error 3 : One of the keyboard buttons remained pressed for more than one minute. This may be due to the cover, it is necessary to try a reset of the spa
  • Error 4 : The optical sensor is disconnected or damaged. Try a spa reset
  • Error 5 : One of the temperature sensors has exceeded 45°C. Turn off the spa so that the water temperature drops. Or try a reset.
  • Error 6 : The thermal safety has been triggered. Overheating has been detected, the spa will restart once the temperature drops below 38°C. You can also do a reset.
  • Error 7 : This is a relay attached to the heater supply circuit. Sometimes it is possible to change the relay or it will be necessary to change the card
  • Error 8 : The temperature sensor is disconnected or damaged. Try a spa reset
  • Error 9 : The module used for time management is faulty. Try a spa reset
  • To reset the spa, press the keys : "Light intensity", "Light effects", "Pump 1A" and "Blower" simultaneously.

Spas using Waterway control systems

  • Insufficient flow : Error caused by a lack of water flow inside the heater. Make sure that the water flow is sufficient. This may be due to a lack of water in the spa, or dirty filters, for example. It may also be due to an air bubble in the piping, or a problem with the circulation pump.
  • Low flow : Check that there is enough water flow in the heater. This may be due to a lack of water in the spa, or dirty filters, for example. It could also be from an air bubble in the piping.
  • Water too hot : Wait for the water temperature to drop back down
  • Heater overheating : Wait for the temperature to drop. Check that the water flow inside the heater is sufficient
  • Risk of freezing : This error appears when one or more probes detect a too low temperature. All jets and blower are turned on to protect the piping from freezing. All elements will stop when the sensors have detected a correct temperature again
  • Open probe: Check that the indicated probe is connected correctly. Short-circuited probe: check the connection of the indicated probe, or replace it if necessary
  • Plumbing error : Error detected when probe 1 and probe 3 are not properly connected. You can normally correct this problem by inverting the connections of these two probes on the motherboard