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If a message appears on your keyboard and you do not understand its meaning, we have listed a list of the main messages you can find to solve the problem.

If you want to know how to lock or unlock your keyboard (if it has this option) check the instructions provided with your keyboard, or its product page on our site, or look at our tutorial!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

Vita Spa 100LX keypad
Vita Spa 100LX
In stock
Vita Spa L200 Selectron control panel
Vita Spa L200 Selectron
In stock
Vita Spa L100/200 disc control panel
Vita Spa L100/200 disc
In stock
Vita Spa LXR100/200 keypad
Vita Spa LXR100/200
In stock
HydroQuip auxiliary control panel
HydroQuip auxiliary
In stock
Caldera Spas control panel / Utopia and Paradise
Caldera Spas Utopia and Paradise 12-15
Less than 1 week
Caldera Spas Vacanza control panel
Caldera Spas Vacanza
In stock
Sundance Spas control panel / 680 and 780 series
Sundance Spas 680/780 series
In stock
Sundance Spas control panel / 780 series
Sundance Spas 780 series
In stock
Sundance Spas control panel / 800 series
Sundance Spas 800 series
COVID-19: lead time uncertain
Sundance Spas control panel / 850 series
Sundance Spas 850 series
COVID-19: lead time uncertain
Balboa LED button
LED button
In stock
ACC SmarTouch LXP-2020 control panel
ACC SmarTouch LXP-2020
COVID-19: lead time uncertain
ACC SmarTouch LX-1000 control panel
ACC SmarTouch LX-1000
In stock
SpaNet XS3000 control panel
SpaNet XS3000
COVID-19: lead time uncertain
Gecko TSC-14 / K-14 keypad (Arctic Spas)
TSC-14 (Arctic Spas)
In stock
Gecko TSC-24 / K-24 keypad (Dimension One)
TSC-24 (Dimension One)
In stock
Gecko TSC-25 / K-25 keypad (Dimension One)
TSC-25 (Dimension One)
In stock
Gecko TSC-30 / K-30 keypad (Dimension One @home)
TSC-30 (Dimension One @home)
In stock
Gecko TSC-80 / K-80 keypad (Arctic Spas)
TSC-80 (Arctic Spas)
In stock