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Balboa is not a hot tub brand

Balboa is not a hot tub brand - Click to enlarge

The renowned "Balboa Water Group", which has been active on the spa market worldwide for more than two decades, is not a spa manufacturer, but only a manufacturer of spare parts! Be careful not to confuse the two when you are looking to replace certain parts of your spa.

This may seem obvious. You see the inscription "Balboa" on the keyboard of your spa, and therefore deduce that you own a spa of this brand. This is a mistake, since the American group does not manufacture hot tubs. In this case, you have a keyboard and therefore a Balboa control system, but your spa is from another brand.

The practice is extremely common in the industrial world, and the spa industry is no exception: Wellis, Saratoga, Clearwater... sell their spas, but do not manufacture all the components themselves.  They buy control systems, and equipment (nozzles, filters, acrylic, etc.) from different specialists... and we buy these spare parts directly from these same companies.

On our website, you will find many Balboa brand spare parts: control systems, control keyboards, pumps, heaters, sensors or nozzles, all of excellent quality.

It can be helpful to know the brand of your spa, but the brand of the spare parts that compose it can vary according to the years of manufacture. What we will need to answer your questions as well as possible is simply the reference and/or dimensions of the model to be replaced.