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Cover Rock-It
Cover Rock-It
Waterway Hi-Flo

Exploded parts diagram of a Waterway Hi-Flo1 pump
Waterway pump drain plug
1. Drain plug
Buy Drain plug online
O-ring for Waterway drain plug
2. O-ring for drain plug
Buy O-ring for drain plug online
Bolts for faceplate (x8)
3. Bolts for faceplate (x8)
Buy Bolts for faceplate (x8) online
Waterway Hi-Flo faceplate
4. Waterway Hi-Flo faceplate
Buy Waterway Hi-Flo faceplate online
Waterway Hi-Flo faceplate o-ring
5. Waterway Hi-Flo faceplate o-ring
Buy Waterway Hi-Flo faceplate o-ring online
Waterway Hi-Flo wear ring
6. Waterway Hi-Flo wear ring
Buy Waterway Hi-Flo wear ring online
Waterway Hi-Flo impeller
7. Waterway Hi-Flo impeller
Buy Waterway Hi-Flo impeller online
PS-1000 wet end seal
8a. Wet end seal
Buy Wet end seal online
Wet end seal for salt water
8b. Wet end seal for salt water
Buy Wet end seal for salt water online
Waterway slinger
9. Slinger
Buy Slinger online
Waterway Hi-Flo wet end
Hi-Flo wet end
Buy Hi-Flo wet end online
EMG 80/2 single-speed pump motor
EMG 80/2 single-speed motor
Buy EMG 80/2 single-speed motor online
EMG 80/2-4 two-speed pump motor
EMG 80/2-4 two-speed motor
Buy EMG 80/2-4 two-speed motor online
Waterway Hi-Flo fan cover
Fan cover
Buy Fan cover online
Waterway Hi-Flo fan wheel
Fan wheel
Buy Fan wheel online
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