Spare parts for Waterway Executive pumps

Here you will find spare parts for the Waterway Executive single-speed and two-speed pumps. The pieces numbered in the exploded view are in the same order at the bottom of the page.

We recommend replacing small parts (o-rings, flanges, wet end seals, etc.) when there has been an unusual problem on a fairly new pump. For example, the faceplate has cracked due to a freeze, or a wet end seal starts to leak within a year or two. If the pump is 4 or 5 years old and develops a problem, we strongly advise you to replace the complete wet end. This way, you'll get all the parts that are exactly made to fit each other and avoid incompatibilities, as over the years wet ends and their components have been changed by Waterway.
Waterway pump drain plug
1. Drain plug
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Waterway drain plug o-ring
2. Drain plug o-ring
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Set of 8 faceplate bolts size #8-32
3. Faceplate bolts #8-32
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Waterway Executive faceplate
4. Faceplate
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Waterway Executive wear ring
6. Wear ring
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Waterway Executive impeller
7. Impeller
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US Seal PS-1000 - wet end seal
8a. PS-1000 wet end seal
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Waterway Slinger
9. Slinger
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Waterway Executive 56-Frame wet end
56-Frame wet end
126,00€  99,00€
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Waterway Executive 48-Frame wet end
48-Frame wet end
139,00€  99,00€
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US Motor Century Lasar 2-speed motor
US Motor two-speed motor
In stock
EMG 90/2 single-speed motor
EMG 90/2 single-speed motor
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EMG 90-2/4 two-speed motor
EMG 90-2/4 two-speed motor
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Fan cover for EMG 90 motor, ∅180 mm
EMG 90 fan cover, ∅180 mm
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Fan for EMG 90 motor
EMG 90 fan
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Capacitor box for EMG 90/2 single-speed motor
EMG 90/2 motor connection box
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Pumps contactor 16A
Contactor 16A
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