Water control valves

Here you will find a wide selection of water control valves for spas. If you have any doubts or questions, or if you do not find the desired model in our catalogue, let our tutorial which explains how to recognize your water control valve guide you, or contact us!
Waterway 3/4" on/off valve, Classic-style
Waterway 3/4" Classic
In stock
Waterway 3/4" on/off valve, Two-tone style
Waterway 3/4" Two-tone
In stock
Waterway 5-Scallop Style on/off valve
Waterway 5-Scallop Style
In stock
1" on/off water valve, Star handle
Waterway 1", Star handle
In stock
LVJ 1" diverter valve, two-tone handle
LVJ 1" Lotus
In stock
LVJ Crystal diverter valve
LVJ 1" Crystal
In stock
Rising Dragon flow-control valve
Rising Dragon 3/4"
In stock
CMP Pro-Seal 1-inch valve
CMP 1" Pro-Seal
In stock
CMP Crown on/off valve
CMP 1" Crown
In stock
CMP 3/4" Halo on/off control
CMP 3/4" Halo
3 weeks
Jazzi 1" on/off valve with star-shaped cap
Jazzi 1" Star on/off valve
In stock