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Standard drawings for a concrete spa

Standard drawings for a concrete spa - Click to enlarge
Standard drawings for a concrete spa - Click to enlarge
Standard drawings for a concrete spa - Click to enlarge

After helping several customers build custom concrete and tiled spas, we noticed that certain configurations crop up regularly, so we wanted to share some ideas with you as a starting point for your plans.

There are three circuits, of which only the first is essential:

  • Filtration, heating and jets
  • Blower and air jets
  • Venturi air system

Please note that the items listed below are not suitable for commercial use.

Note that this is a generic concrete spa installation. If you want to start building a hot tub of this type and if you have any particular request, we strongly advise you to call in a qualified electrician, a plumber or a specialized company (often pool builders).

Filtration, heating and jets (first scheme)

This circuit consists of the following elements (in approximate sequence from suction drain to jet):

Most compact filters have 1.5" connections, so you also will need the following elements:

Blower and air jets (second scheme)

A blower will generate air bubbles that will rise up through the water from air jets mounted on a horizontal surface underwater, typically the benches where bathers sit. A typical installation would use the following elements

Venturi air (third scheme)

The flow of water throught the jets sucks in air which is mixed with the water and provides a different massage than water alone. this part is composed of:

We remain at your disposal for further information. Don't forget the glue !