Spare parts for Arctic Spas

Spare parts for Arctic Spas - Click to enlarge

Blue Falls Manufacturing builds hot tubs for the Arctic Spas and Coyote Spas brands in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where the temperature rarely exceeds 0░C from mid-November to mid-March. Not surprisingly, all aspects of their marketing, including the brand name and the polar bear logo, focus on cold temperatures and thermal insulation. Arctic Spas is also one of the first manufacturers in North America to use Chinese components.

One of the founders of Arctic Spas, we were told, was also an investor in Rising Dragon, and Arctic adopted the brand's sealing parts (jets, valves, skimmers and projectors, among others) in 2009. Arctic Spas has also developed its own control systems under the name of Global Spa Components, and has been using them since about 2011. Previously, Gecko brand cases were used in Arctic and Coyote spas.

Arctic Spas hot tubs are often plumbed with translucent flexible tubing, called"Torsional Reflex Hose" in their marketing, which is not standard size in the spa industry. They connect this pipe to standard parts by pushing in a rigid 2 inches piece of pipe at each end, with a lot of red glue.

- Quentin