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Spa System Flush

Spa System Flush - Click to enlarge
Spa System Flush - Click to enlarge

Spa System Flush is an enzyme-based cleaner which breaks down biofilm and other deposits which may be lurking in the plumbing of your spa.

The Spa System Flush biofilm cleaner has not been on the market since the summer of 2019 in order to comply with the laws and regulations in Europe regarding the use of biocide.

We recommend that you use the very effective Ahh-Some cleaner as a replacement every time you renew the water in your spa.

If you have noticed any slime around the water line, skimmer or jets, or if you've seen any unexplained green, black, brown or white flakes in the water, chances are that your spa is infected with biofilm. Biofilm is formed from the oil, grime and bacteria which is introduced into your spa. Over time, the bacteria binds it all together in a slimy film which can coat the inside of the plumbing of your spa. Once your spa has biofilm, it can be difficult to maintain proper sanitation of the water.

473 ml (One bottle is sufficient to rinse out an average-sized spa twice)

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