Rising Dragon Cluster Jet socket

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Rising Dragon Cluster Jet socket - Click to enlarge

This socket is used with jets from Rising Dragon Cluster jet series, which screw into place, including the Directional and the Spinning Direct models.

The socket is attached to underside of the the spa shell and the jet is screwed in from inside the spa. The fixing nut and the gasket are supplied with the jet socket.

The water flow through the socket draws in air through the Venturi effect, which adds bubbles to the water jet and increases the power of the massage. The air inlet of each nozzle is normally connected to a manifold, and then to a valve, so that the air/water mixture in the jets can be modified. If you do not want bubbles in the water jets, block the air inlet with this cap.

Outside diameter: 47 mm
Length: 50 mm
Inside thread diameter : 21 mm

Pipe connections
Water: 3/4 inch flexible
Air: 3/8 inch flexible

Part numbers
Rising Dragon: RD202-1003 and RD202-1031

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