Oxy Actif Ocedis O Spa - 20 g tablets active oxygen

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Oxy Actif 20g from Ocedis O Spa range is a shock treatment with active oxygen, without chlorine and without the addition of stabilizer. Odourless and tasteless, Oxy Actif 20g is used in case of algae presence or to catch green water.

Ideal with a floating dispenser, Oxy Actif 20g complements the regular use of chlorine-free treatment, and also reactivates bromine.

How to use it
Oxy Actif 20g is designed to be used for shock treatment, in case of algae or cloudy water.
In shock treatment: 3 to 5 tablets of Oxy Actif 20g / m3 of water, in case of green or turbid water, in the absolute absence of users.
In maintenance treatment: 1 tablet of Oxy Actif 20g / m3 of water in the skimmer, in the absence of users

Net weight
1 kg (20g-tablet)

Countries delivered
We supply Océdis Oxy Actif 20g for private individuals in all states of the European Union.
Please note that this product can only be resold in France, Germany and Austria.

Part numbers
Ocedis : 330020010

Use chemical products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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