Lo-Chlor spa leak sealer

Less than 1 week
Lo-Chlor spa leak sealer - Click to enlarge
Lo-Chlor spa leak sealer - Click to enlarge
Lo-Chlor spa leak sealer - Click to enlarge

Use Leak Sealer to block small leaks in spas. It doesn't work on 100% of leaks, but it is often highly effective and an enormous time-saver compared to conventional repairs. Do not use this product on very large leaks, the spa should be losing no more than 2 cm of water per day).

How to use it

  • Read the instructions first!
  • Remove cartridge filters or bypass sand filters
  • With the pumps running, add the recommended dose to the water
  • Leak Sealer is very heavy. To avoid it settling on the floor off the spa, keep the water circulation and stir the water if necessary.
  • Most leaks will have sealed within 3 hours. If your leak has slowed, but not stopped, continue to circulate the water for another 3 hours.
  • When finished, stop the filtration and let the product settle to the bottom, where you can clean it out.
  • Replace the filters
  • For best results, drain the spa, and leave it empty for 24 hours while the Leak Sealer finishes curing.

Lo-Chlor Spa Leak Sealer should not be used when the hot tub water temperature is below 6°C, and it must not be used if your heater comes with a pressure switch, as it may block the orifice.

225 ml of Leak Sealer is the recommended dose for a 2000-litre spa

450 ml

Countries delivered
We supply Lo-Chlor spa leak sealer in all states of the European Union except Finland.