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Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas hot tub sensors

Find here the temperature sensors and Hi-Limit sensors as well as their spare parts compatible with Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi hot tubs.

  • A temperature sensor, as the name implies, is used to detect the water temperature, which is indicated on the spa's keypad.
  • An overheating sensor (called "Hi-Limit") is a safety device programmed to activate when the water temperature exceeds 40°C, the maximum temperature generally recommended.
Sundance Spas/Jacuzzi temperature sensor - 6600-166
Temperature 6600-166
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Sundance Spas/Jacuzzi temperature sensor - 6600-105
Temperature 6600-105
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Jacuzzi temperature sensor - 6600-181
Temperature Jacuzzi 6600-181
In stock
Sundance/Jacuzzi Hi-Limit sensor - 6600-110
Hi-Limit 6600-110
In stock
Sundance Spas / Jacuzzi Hi-Limit sensor - 6600-068
Hi-Limit 6600-068
COVID-19: lead time uncertain