Inductive water level sensor

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This water level sensor sticks under the spa shell at the water line, and operates by induction to detect the presence or absence of water in the pool. It works with Balboa Classic Line systems, among others.

This sensor is set at the factory, but if the detection does not work properly, it is equipped with an adjustment screw behind the sticker. Unscrew to increase the sensitivity of the sensor, or screw to lower it.

The sensitivity on the sensor can be adjusted by turning the screw under the ”QC” label on the sensor. If you turn the

A red LED lights up when the sensor detects water.

Cable length: 200 cm
Detector dimensions: diameter 35 mm, thickness 22 mm

Technical data
Power supply: 5V DC
Compatible wall thickness: from 3 to 10 mm
Socket: 3-pin, 3 cables (red, black, yellow)
Operating temperature range: 0 to 50° C
Cable length : 2m

Part numbers
Balboa: 25-0211-5

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