How to lock and unlock your keypad?

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The "lock" function, available on some keypad models, can be very practical if you do not want people to interfere with its operation.

For example, this feature can be used to prevent guests or children (who should never be left unattended in a spa) from changing system settings, but still allows them to adjust the intentsity of the jet massage or the lighting.

Locking is therefore very practical, but it is obviously essential for you to know how to unlock your keypad. If you do not know how to restart it, we've listed how to unlock the keypad, depending on the model of the control system on your spa.

Feel free to also refer to the keypad instructions provided by the manufacturer, or to contact us if you have questions.

Spas using Balboa control systems

GS range
Only the GS-xxxDZ systems (GS501DZ, GS510DZ, GS520DZ and GS523DZ) have the locking function, using VL801D and VL802D keypads

Locking the panel : Press "Time", "Blower" and "Warm" within 3 seconds. All keys are disabled except the "Time" key

Unlocking the panel : Press "Time", "Blower" and "Cool" within 2 seconds

Locking the temperature : Press “Warm”, “Time”, “Blower” and “Warm” within 3 seconds. The “Warm” and “Cool” buttons are now disabled

Unlocking the temperature : Press “Time”, “Blower” and “Cool” within 2 seconds

On some systems, the "Jets 1" button instead of the "Blower" button is used in lock/unlock sequences.

BP range
BP600, BP2000 and BP2100G1 control systems have the locking function.

TP400W, TP500 and TP600 keypads : Since there are many locking options, we recommend that you refer to the user manual. To unlock the panel, while holding down the "Temperature" button (or the "Up" button if you do not have the "Temperature" button), gently press and release the "Light" button twice.

TP800 and TP900 keypads : To lock, choose the "Lock" option from the menu and define the settings. To unlock, to the right of the keypad, press the "Select" button twice (the central button) and once on the "Down" button

spaTouch touchscreen keypad : To lock, choose the "Lock" option from the menu and define the settings. To unlock, press the central grey button for 5 seconds.

GL range
GL systems (GL2000 M3, GL2001 M3 and GL8000) have the locking fonction, depending on the keyboard used.

ML700 and ML900 keypads : To lock, press "Time", "Jets 1" and then "Warm" within 3 seconds. Once locked, the "PL" indicator light will illuminate. All buttons are locked except the time button. To unlock the panel, press "Time", "Jets 1" and then "Cool".

ML200, ML240, ML260, ML400, ML551 and ML554 keypads do not have the locking option if they are used as a main panel. If one of these keypads is used as an auxiliary panel, it locks when the main panel is locked. To unlock this panel, the main panel must be unlocked.

Spas using Gecko X and Y series control systems

Only the in.k500 keypad has the locking function via the "Keypad settings" menu.

Lock: Select one of the 3 security levels, "Unlocked", "Partial" or "Complete". The Partial level locks the setpoint setting and several options in the settings menu. The "Complete" level locks all keyboard functions.

Unlock (partial or complete) : Press the upper right key for 5 seconds.

Spas using Gecko SSPA and MSPA systems, and Astrel systems

Gecko MSPA and SSPA systems, as well as systems made by Astrel have the option of partial or total locking with TSC-4 (8 or 10-button versions), TSC-8 and TSC-18 keypads.

When the panel is fully locked, all functions are disabled. When the panel is partially locked, the basic functions remain accessible (pump, turbine and light activation), but it is not possible to change the set temperature, disable the Economy Mode or access the programming mode.

Locking: Press the "Pump 1" button for 5 seconds. The screen displays "LocP". Release the key and the keyboard will be partially locked. Press and hold the key for an additional 5 seconds and the keypad will be fully locked. The message "LocF" will then be displayed. When the keypad is locked, all automatic functions remain active. The "LocP" or "LocF" message appears if you press a key

Unlocking: Press the Pump 1 button for 5 seconds.

Spas using Spa Power systems

The SP800 and SP1200 SpaPower control systems have the locking function with SP800 and SP1200 keypads

Locking: Press and hold the "Down", "Scroll" and "Up" keys simultaneously. While you are doing so, the LCD screen displays "Hold the keys to activate the lock". You will need to hold the buttons down for about three seconds before the lock is activated. At this point, the touchpad beeps and displays "Keyboard Lock".

Unlocking: Press "Down", then "Scroll", "Down", "Up" and finally "Scroll". The touchpad beeps and temporarily displays "Keyboard Unlocked" when the sequence is correctly entered.

If the controller is turned off while the key lock is active, the key lock will not be restored when the power is restored.

Spas using Waterway systems

The Waterway NEO2100 control system has the locking fonction, using the 1100 and 2100 keypads

Locking: Three locking options are available. "Panel" locks all keys except "Menu". "Temp" allows you to lock only the temperature. "Menu" allows you to lock everything.

Unlocking: Press the "Menu" button for 15 seconds to unlock the keyboard once it is in lock mode.

Spas using SpaNet systems

The SpaNet (XS-2000, XS-3000 and XS4000) control systems have the locking fonction via the XS3000 keypad

Locking: Press and hold the "Top", "Bottom" and "Pump 1" buttons simultaneously for two seconds until you hear a beep

Unlocking: Repeat the same combination.