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Headrests are necessary to fully enjoy your spa. you must nevertheless select them carefully so you don't make mistakes when purchasing one. Sizes, attachment types, you must make sure that they correspond to you spa.

We have sorted the headrests compatible with most spas in the "Universal fixing" category. Whether they work by counterweight or suction cups, are inflatable or not, most of them can be fixed on all shells.

Headrests whose attachments are more specific (pins, holes, screws) are sorted by size. Are you here to replace your current headrest with a corresponding one? Measure its length and look in that category. Don't forget to take into account the attachment type on your spa.

If there is more than one pin or hole, we will always tell you the distance between the two (please note, a difference of +/- 5% is fine).

Some headrests who have an attachment system with holes or pins are compatible with the use of suction cups, pins or sockets. That way, even if you don't have an attachment system built-in to your spa, you can attach them normally.

Whenever possible, we have indicated the spas for which we know a certain headrest works. Feel free to type "headrest + your spa brand or model" in the search bar on our website, or to contact us if you're in doubt about which choice to make.