Floating level sensor

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This horizontal float switch consist of a reed switch and a pivoted actuator magnet and can be used for N/O or N/C operation. The switch action can be reversed by mounting the float switch with the float able to move upwards away from the body instead of downwards.

It is designed for internal fitting inside a tank of overflowing spas, where it is part of the automatic filling system. The shaft is fixed through the wall of the tank, and the small floating valve tilts according to the water level.

The float switch is fitted in a 16.5 mm dia. hole in the tank from the inside and secured by a nylon nut on the outside.

Technical data
Body Material : Nylon
Cable Length : 1m
Maximum Current : 600 mA
M12 plug connection

Part numbers

Cynergy3 : RSF43Y100RF

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