Waterway Cluster Storm snap-in jets

Jets from the Cluster Storm range all have a length between 70 and 75 mm and a front-facing diameter between 50 and 55 mm.

A jet has two parts:
  • A socket or jet body, which is fixed on the spa's shell and connected to the water circulation system.
  • The jet itself, which fits into the socket.
If you want to change your jet (find the same one or change the massage type), check the style of your old jet, snap-in or thread-in, since they are not interchangeable. Once you have identified which type of Cluster Storm jet you need, you'll have no problem finding and replacing it with any Cluster Storm snap-in jet of the same type.

If you cannot find the jet you need, feel free to contact us (and to send us photos with the size of your jet, if possible) of the model you're looking for, and we'll try our best to find a compatible jet.

Waterway Cluster Storm snap-in jet - Directional
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Waterway Cluster Storm snap-in jet diffuser
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Waterway Cluster Storm alignment ring
Alignment ring
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