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Balboa String Lights lighting system

Balboa String Lights can be connected to any system with a 12V AC connection, or can be used as a stand-alone system, if connected to the J&J Electronics control box you have chosen, and a LED button or other button/panel.

You will find the numbered parts of the String Lights system in the same order at the bottom of the page.
J&J Electronics LED controller WC-25
1a. J&J LED controller WC-25
In stock
J&J Electronics LED controller WC-50
1b. J&J LED controller WC-50
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2-LEDs Spyder Balboa
2a. Balboa 2-LEDs
In stock
4-LEDs Spyder Balboa
2b. Balboa 4-LEDs
In stock
Balboa String Lights slave light
5. Balboa slave light
In stock
Balboa 9-LED master light - String Lights
Balboa 9-LED master light
In stock
Balboa AMP power cable - String Lights
Balboa power cable - AMP
In stock
Balboa extension cable with 4 pin - String Lights
Balboa extension cable, 4 pin
In stock
Balboa String Lights adapter cable - 4 pin
Balboa adapter cable - 4 pin
In stock
Balboa 12 mm light fitting for a single LED
Balboa 12 mm
In stock