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AquaFinesse hot tub water care system
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AquaFinesse hot tub water care system - Click to enlarge

One dose of AquaFinesse per week, in combination with a low-level, slow-release sanitiser will maintain clean, clear and odour-free water in your spa or hot tub. It also protects your spa's equipment by keeping the water balanced and reducing scale build-up. AquaFinesse makes the water silky soft and gentle on your skin.

Each pack contains two 2-litre bottles of AquaFinesse and slow-release chlorine tablets for the complete sanitation of your spa. The pack provides up to four months and half of sanitation for your spa or hot tub with normal use for 1000 Liters.

With AquaFinesse, you can maintain levels of free chlorine as low as 1 to 2 ppm!

To switch to AquaFinesse start with a clean, freshly filled spa. Check the label on the AquaFinesse bottle for the correct dosage for your hot tub, shake the bottle well and measure the liquid in the measuring cup provided. Pour AquaFinesse into your spa or hot tub. Turn on the jets for at least two minutes to thoroughly mix AquaFinesse into the water. Put a sanitising tablet into the slow-release dispenser provided and place in the skimmer basket or on top of the filter. Repeat the dosing with AquaFinesse each week, replacing the sanitising tablet as needed.

The AquaFinesse liquid is entirely safe to use with other types of sanitisers, including ozone, silver ions, chlorine and bromine.

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