78 mm pump union 90° for 2" pipe

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78 mm pump union 90° for 2" pipe - Click to enlarge

This union has a nut that fits on pumps with a 78 mm outside diameter thread (this type of thread is known as 2-inch MBT) and connects, with a 90-degree elbow, to a 2-inch pipe.

It is suitable for use with several brands of pump, including Waterway, LX Whirlpool, Aqua-Flo ITT/HydroAir and Balboa.

If the nut breaks, you can replace it with a two-part nut that is screwed together, and therefore perfect for repairs when you need to avoid cutting pipe.

The o-ring is provided.

This union does not fit pumps manufactured by Espa or Davey Spa Power.

Inside diameter of the union thread : 75 mm or 2-inch FBT
Inside diameter smooth side: 60 mm, for 2-inch pipe
Outside diameter of the corresponding male thread on the pump: 78 mm

Part numbers
Waterway: 400-5800

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