63 mm M to 50 mm F reducer

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63 mm M to 50 mm F reducer - Click to enlarge

This reducer is used to connect a 63 mm pipe and a 50 mm pipe together.

The 63 mm male side requires the addition of a 63 mm female fitting (like an straight connector or a valve, for example) before a 63 mm pipe can be connected.

A 50 mm pipe fits into the 1.5-inch female side.

It fits easily into your plumbing system to make it easier for you to connect a 50 mm pipe to a 63 mm fitting.

This reducer is of the "ring" type. It integrates fully into the 63 mm female couplings, allowing you to reduce the openings in your couplings without using an additional pipe.

It is made of high quality PVC.

Outside diameter large side : 63 mm
Inside diameter small side: 50 mm

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