Waterway 56-Frame wet end screws (x4)

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Waterway 56-Frame wet end screws (x4) - Click to enlarge

These bolts fasten a 56-Frame wet end to its motor. They are used on Waterway, Aqua-Flo and LX Whirlpool pumps, among others. We sell them in sets of 4.

These screws are typically used in 56-Frame pumps. If you have a 48-Frame pump, you need #8-32 bolts. Read our tutorial if you are unsure which motor frame you have.

Diameter: 4.74 mm (American size 10, 3/16")
Thread density: 32 turns per inch = 10 turns every 7.9 mm
Length: 12 mm, excluding the bolt head

Part numbers
Waterway: 819-0028

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