Fun Brome crystals 5kg

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Fun Brome crystals 5kg - Click to enlarge
Fun Brome crystals 5kg - Click to enlarge
Fun Brome crystals 5kg - Click to enlarge

Fun Brome is a salt, Sodium Bromide, that dissolves easily in spa water. It has no effect on the water in its own right (it's not at all harmful, and doesn't change the pH, for example), but when used with an appropriate salt water electrolysis system, it will create free bromine (hypobromite, BrO⁻), a powerful and long-lasting disinfectant that is almost entirely odour-free.

Sodium Bromide is similar to Sodium Chloride (i.e. standard salt), which can also be used with electrolysis systems. Sodium Bromide produces free bromine whereas standard salt produces free chlorine

We also offer Sodium Bromide from Gecko, sold under the brand name BromiCharge.

How to use it
Consult the instructions on your electrolysis system to be sure that it is compatible with Sodium Bromide. Adjust the system to yield 2-3 ppm of free bromine. Adjust the pH of your hot tub water to between 7.5 and 8.0. Monitor the level of free bromine and the pH by testing it at least once a week.

100% Sodium Bromide, 5 kg

Countries delivered
We supply Fun Brome crystals for private individuals in all states of the European Union.
Please note that this product can only be resold in France, Germany and Austria.

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Ocedis : 335010050


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