Waterway Flo-Pro skimmer

Below you will find an exploded view of the Waterway Flo-Pro skimmer to find the spare parts that you need. The numbered parts correspond to the parts in the list below. The parts are also compatible with the newer Flo-Pro II skimmer.

This skimmer uses PRB17.5, PRB35, PRB25 et PRB50 filters.

Waterway skimmer weir foam
2. Weir foam
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Waterway Top-Load spacer ring
5. Skimmer spacer ring
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Pair of PRB17.5 filters
6a. Pair of PRB17.5
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PRB35-IN filter
6b. PRB35-IN
In stock
PRB25-IN filter
6c. PRB25-IN
In stock
PRB50-IN filter
6d. PRB50-IN
In stock
Pair of filter diverter plates
8. Adjustable diverter plate
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Waterway Flo-Pro and Flo-Pro II skimmer lid
10. Flo-Pro and Flo-Pro II skimmer lid
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Complete Waterway Flo-Pro Skimmer
Complete Flo-Pro skimmer
COVID-19: lead time uncertain