Waterway Executive faceplate 2", reconditioned

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45,00€ 24,50€
Waterway Executive faceplate 2", reconditioned - Click to enlarge

This reconditioned pump faceplate is compatible with all Waterway Executive 56-Frame and 48-Frame pumps. However, it is not compatible with Hi-flo pumps. It has an MBT-type male suction fitting with an external diameter of either 78 or 94 mm (both with two o-rings).

You should buy an o-ring, a drain plug and a drain o-ring separately.

Note : This is the old model with one o-ring. Since late 2017, all new 78 and 94 mm faceplate models include two separate O-rings, adding additional protection against leakage. The old and new models are fully compatible with one another.

Part numbers
Waterway : 78 mm suction (referred to as 2"): 311-1220

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