CMP Typhoon 200 series

The clip-on jets from CMP's Typhoon 200 range have:
  • a face diameter between 50 and 55 mm
  • a length of about 75 mm
Unless stated otherwise, the [3630 socket is not provided with the jet and must be bought seperately.

Careful! Waterway's Cluster Storm jets look very similar to this range, but they are not compatible.
CMP Typhoon 200 jet - Diamond Directional
Diamond Directional
COVID-19: lead time uncertain
CMP Typhoon 200 jet - Crown Roto
Crown Roto
In stock
CMP Typhoon 200 jet - Wellis Directional
Wellis Directional
In stock
CMP Typhoon 200 jet body
Typhoon 200 jet body
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