2" Rigid pipe x 1 m

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2" Rigid pipe x 1 m - Click to enlarge

Ideal for repairs, it is the same PVC pipe used by many spa manufacturers.

This 1 m long rigid tube has an outside diameter of 60 mm and an inside diameter of 53 mm. Most spas use this size, even those made in France. These dimensions comply with the "Schedule 40" or SCH 40 measurement standard, which defines the wall thickness of the pipe.

To connect two 2" hoses, use a sleeve if possible. Adhesives are only used on the inner surface if no other alternatives are available (e.g. pipe cut too short). In this case, use a coupler.

A 1 meter long tube, which is not not SCH 40, is also available. Only an external gluing will then be possible, with for example a sleeve or elbow in 2" female.

Outside diameter: 60 mm
Inside diameter: 53 mm
Length : 1 m