Reconditioned Gecko heat.wav 3 kW heater

220,00€ 165,00€
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220,00€ 165,00€
Reconditioned Gecko heat.wav 3 kW heater - Click to enlarge

This reconditioned 3 kW heat.wav heater is mounted on Gecko in.xe, and control systems.

With no pressure switch, the heat-wav features an integrated dry-fire protection, in.flo, and is equipped with a flow detector and a temperature sensor.

It connects to 2-inch pipe.

If necessary - and if the warranty has expired - you can replace the element by removing the fixing nuts and self-locking washers and cutting the copper cables. Two 6 mm² wires and four eyelet terminals (not provided) are required. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

6 months Tubs Parts warranty

Gecko part numbers
3 kW : 9920-101469

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