PRB50-IN filter

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PRB50-IN filter - Click to enlarge
PRB50-IN filter - Click to enlarge
PRB50-IN filter - Click to enlarge

This filter is also available in boxes of 6.

Diameter: 125 mm
Length: 338 mm
Top: 54 mm hole
Bottom: 54 mm hole
Filtration surface area: 50 square feet (212 pleats)

Note that this filter has exactly the same dimensions as the C-4326/PRB25, but has twice as many pleats and therefore twice the surface area. The two models are completely interchangeable, but if you are in any doubt about which filter to use, we suggest that you stick with the version that was originally supplied with your spa.

This filter is also available in Microban
Microban inhibits the growth of bacteria on the surface of your hot tub filter. Microban filters stay clean longer and last longer than conventional spa filters.

Manufacturers who use this filter
Aber Hot Tubs, Accent Spas, Acryx-Maax, Alps Spas, Angels Spa, Arctic Spas, Aqua Dolce, Aqua Tech, Aquiform-Infinity, Artesian Spas, Atlantis, Baja, Beachcomber Spas, Belize, Blue Falls Manufacturing, Blue Pacific, Bullfrog Spas, Caldera, Cal Spas, Charisma, Clair Azur, Clipper, Coast Mountain Spas, Coast-Spas, Coleman Spas, Columbia, Coyote Spas, Crystal Waters, Diamante, Haven Spas, Hydropool, Hydro Spa, Jacuzzi, JFC, Kanebo, Kinedo, Marquis Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs, Northern Lights Hot Tubs, Nova, Peips, Phoenix, Rotospa, Sierra Spas, Signature Spas, Simon's spas, Southwest Spas, Sun Coast, Sundance Spas, Sunrise Spas, Tiger River, US Spas, Viking Spas, Vita Spa, Warm Springs, Wind River

Part numbers
Pleatco: PRB50 or PRB50-IN
Darlly : SC706 / 40506
Unicel: C-4950
Filbur/Clarathon: FC-2390
Rainbow: R173434
Waterway: 817-5000
Pentair/Rainbow: 17-2380
Jacuzzi: 373045
Beachcomber: 3005815
Coleman Spas: 3301-2145
Hydropool: 4520007
Sundance Spas: 373-045 (formerly 6540-471)
Kinedo: ACC355
Marquis Spas: 20364, replaces 20671
Canadian Spas: CSC-50-L
Wellis: AKU1806
Sunrise Spas: R9026110
Waterco: 62010

tubs sells genuine Pleatco filters
Pleatco has been manufacturing quality filters in the USA for more than 40 years. Their filter media are made from spun-bonded polyester, a highly tear-resistant material that clings on to dirt until the filter is rinsed. Pleatco's unique end caps that are made from anti-microbial, crack-resistant plastic. Their free-flow cores are designed to maximise the water flow rate, for better filtration with less strain on your circulation pump.
Pleatco products filter better and last longer than generic brands.

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6 PRB50-IN filters

6 PRB50-IN filters

Also listed by Unicel C-4950, Filbur FC-2390, Darlly SC706 / 40506, Waterway 817-5000, etc.more information...
Proline: 2 weeks
Darlly: COVID-19: lead time uncertain
Pleatco: In stock
Proline Microban: 2 weeks
Darlly Silverstream: COVID-19: lead time uncertain
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