PQN Audio Systems

The American brand PQN offers audio systems specifically designed for the spa, and to cope with the particular conditions of a humid environment.

Below are two examples of audio installations to be connected to a spa control system with 230V AMP output:
  • 8 loudspeakers (4Ω each) in series / parallel
  • 4 loudspeakers (2 x 6Ω and 2 x 4Ω) in parallel

Install the speakers according to the chosen configuration around your spa, and enjoy your favourite music while you relax!

PQN Active Subwoofer
PQN Active Subwoofer
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PQN Spa25 2,5" Waterproof Speaker
PQN Spa25
In stock
PQN Spa24-4GF 2,25" Waterproof Speaker
PQN Spa24
In stock
PQN Spa24-4TRGF 2,25" Waterproof Speaker LED Accent
PQN Spa24 LED Accent
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PQN Spa15 1,5" Waterproof Speaker
PQN Spa15
In stock
PQN SpaT Transducer
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