Water balance : pH and alkalinity

pH characterises the acidity or basicity of the water in your spa. This can vary quite rapidly and lead to discomfort for bathers. A pH too low can lead to corrosion of the spa and equipments and discomfort to the bathers (irritation, smells etc.). A pH too high can lead to calcium deposits on walls and pipework, cloudy water and irritation of eyes and skin.

Strict and consistent control of the pH of the water is therefore essential for your bathing comfort and limiting scale and corrosion. This balance will facilitate the action of the disinfectant and the other treatment products designed to act optimally at a neutral pH level (as close as possible to 7).
ICO Spa connected water analyser
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HTH pH Increaser
pH Increaser
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HTH Alkanal alcalinity increaser
Alkanal pH Stabiliser
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HTH pH Reducer
pH Reducer
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Ocedis pH Minus
pH Minus
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HTH pH pack
pH pack
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Box of 6 HTH pH Increasers
6 x pH Increaser
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Box of 6 HTH Alkanal alcalinity increasers
6 x Alkanal pH Stabiliser
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Box of 6 HTH pH Reducer
6 x pH Reducer
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HTH Phenol red tablets for pH
Phenol red tablets for pH
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