We have used the following abbreviations to help you find what you are looking for :
  • F: a female or "Socket" opening, into which you can glue either a pipe or a male fitting.
  • M: a male, or "Spigot" fitting, with the same external diameter as the corresponding pipe, which will slide inside a female fitting of the same type.
  • M+: a "Barb" fitting which is designed to slide inside a pipe. This type of fitting, smooth or ribbed, is very useful if you cannot glue a pipe into a female fitting (no space, bad condition...) and works best with small pipes (especially 1 inch and less) from the same manufacturer as the fitting.

    Here are the main pipe sizes in millimetres :
  • 3/4": 27 mm
  • 1": 33 mm
  • 1.5": 48 mm
  • 2": 60 mm