LX Whirlpool DH1.0 spare parts

Exploded view of the LX Whirlpool DH1.0 pump, to make the search for its components easier. The numbered parts have a correspondence with the part with the same number.
LX Whirlpool F-200 pump faceplate
1. B450-01(02) faceplate
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LX Whirlpool GM-200 wet end seal
3. LX GM-200 wet end seal
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LX Whirlpool DH1.0 pump wet end
4. LX DH1.0 wet end
1 week
Thru bolts for LX Whirlpool DH1.0 pump
5. Thru bolts
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Capacitor box BC-210 for LX Whirlpool JA50
6. LX BC-210 capacitor box
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H-210 fan wheel for LX Whirlpool JA100 and DH1.0 pumps
8. Fan wheel LX JA100/DH1.0
In stock
Slinger LX Whirlpool DH1.0
9. Slinger DH1.0
1 week