LVJ 2" jet socket

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LVJ 2" jet socket - Click to enlarge

All LVJ 2" spa jets fit into this socket. The jet socket is attached to the spa (inside and outside of the spa wall) and holds the jet in place. The fixing nut and the gasket are included.

The flow of water through the socket sucks in air by the Venturi effect, adding bubbles to your spa jet and increasing the massage force. Attach the air pipe of all air jets to the same source, and then to a valve, to be able to change the air/water mix. If you do not want bubbles coming out of the jets, turn off the air source.

Drilled diameter: 37 mm
Face diameter: 50 mm
Length: 75 mm

Water: barbed inside coupler for 3/4-inch pipe
Air: barbed inside coupler for 3/8-inch pipe

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