Lo-Chlor Ultra Clarifier

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Ultra Spa Clarifier is a fast-acting formula designed to remove greasy deposits, oily residues, sunscreen as well as dissolved metal particles and dead algae spores. This product will clump together the small particles so they can be filtered, this may allow for the water to clear.

Ultra Spa Clarifier is non-toxic and biodegradable.

How to use it

  • Check that the pH of your spa water is between 7,2 and 7,8
  • Clean your cartridge filter thoroughly beforehand (we recommend the use of Lo-Chlor Cartridge cleaner)
  • Add the required amount of product for your spa (refer to the information on the bottle)
  • Turn on your circulation / filtration pump for at least one hour
  • Repeat the operation every 15 days and every time you fill your spa with new water

Countries delivered
We supply Lo-Chlor Ultra Clarifier in all states of the European Union except Finland.

485 ml


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