Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner

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Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner - Click to enlarge
Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner - Click to enlarge
Lo-Chlor Instant Filter Cleaner - Click to enlarge

Instant Filter Cleaner quickly removes debris, oils, body fats and dirt utilising a “No Soak” formula. This product is suitable for use on both hot tub and swimming pool cartridge filters and should be used on a weekly basis.

Directions for use

  • Wear protective gloves and use the product in an open area. Avoid using this product in windy conditions
  • Remove the filter cartridge (s) from your spa
  • Rinse the cartridge (s) with new water, a garden hose is ideal for removing large debris
  • Spray Lo-Chlor Cleanany Instant Cartridge onto the cartridge, taking care to ensure that the product penetrates the pleats of the cartridge
  • Leave the product on the cartridge for 15 minutes
  • Rinse your cartridge thoroughly with new water using your garden hose. At this stage, foam may appear, so make sure that the cartridge is completely rinsed of any residue of the cleaning agent
  • Heavily soiled cartridges may require a second application of Instant Cleaner for Cartridge Filter
  • Once the cartridge (s) have been thoroughly washed and rinsed, they can be reinstalled at the designated location of your spa or pool

500 ml

Countries delivered
We supply Lo-Chlor Instant Cartridge Cleaner in all states of the European Union except Finland.


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