HTH Super SpaClean cleaner

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HTH Super SpaClean cleaner - Click to enlarge
HTH Super SpaClean cleaner - Click to enlarge
HTH Super SpaClean cleaner - Click to enlarge

Super SpaClean is a powerful rigid spa cleaner that destroys the (dreaded) biofilm. Is your water green, cloudy or smells bad..? You certainly have deposits of bacterial origin called biofilm.

This cleaner does not foam, and thoroughly disinfects your spa's pipes and internal equipment. This product is not suitable for inflatable spas (risk of discoloration).

How to use it

  • Determine the volume of your spa: Plan a bag (which contains a tablet) for 250 litres.
  • Remove the filter cartridge from the filter and any other "flexible" equipment present.
  • If necessary, clean the water line with a suitable product.
  • Make sure your spa water has the usual chlorine or bromine content and pH.
  • Turn off the power of your spa
  • Make sure that the cartridge filter and/or skimmers do not contain any other products.
  • After putting protective gloves on, cut the bag with a pair of scissors and spill the tablet contained inside the skimmer (preferably) or the cartridge filter (if there is no skimmer), without touching the tablet. Repeat this operation if you need several tablets to treat the spa, but do not open the bags in advance.
  • The tablets dissolve in 15 minutes, the water turns yellow-green.
  • Once the last pad is added to the skimmer or cartridge filter, turn the spa back on.
  • Restart the filtration and let it run for 30 minutes.
  • Stop the filtration again.
  • Let the product work and penetrate the biofilm for 2 hours.
  • As soon as the yellow-green colour has completely disappeared, restart the filtration.
  • Let the filtration run for at least 30 minutes.
  • Drain the entire spa and rinse off any remaining grease or dirt residue in the spa.
  • Fill the spa and replace the filter cartridge (if necessary).
  • Reduce the chlorine or bromine content and pH to values appropriate for swimming.

Super Spa Clean is a highly corrosive product, which must be handled with the utmost care.
Never mix with any other product. Never dissolve before use. Never subject to any mechanical treatment (crushing, grinding...).

Features and characteristics
80g (10 x 8g tablets in individual bags)
Requires draining the spa after use

Countries delivered
We supply HTH Super SpaClean for private individuals in all states of the European Union except Finland.
Please note that this product can only be resold in France, Germany and Austria.

Part numbers
HTH: Super SpaClean


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