HTH SpaClean cleaner

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HTH SpaClean cleaner - Click to enlarge
HTH SpaClean cleaner - Click to enlarge
HTH SpaClean cleaner - Click to enlarge

This HTH SpaClean cleaner destroys the dreaded biofilm, which appears if the water in your spa is green, cloudy or has a foul odor, an evidence of bacterial deposits.

SpaClean removes all residues, soap and greasy deposits accumulated in the pipes and internal equipment of your spa.

It is the perfect replacement for the Spa System Flush, which is no longer available for sale.

SpaClean can be used prior to Bromine, Chlorine and AquaFinesse treatments.

How to use it

  • Make sure the water level is at least 5 cm above the jets. Remove the filter cartridge(s) and chlorinator (if equipped).
  • Turn on the pumps and add 250 ml of SpaClean pipe cleaner to the skimmer or main filter.
  • Open all circulation valves wide and run the pumps for at least 15 min. Activate the jets for a few minutes. Switch off the pumps for 15 minutes and then switch them on again for another 15 minutes. Foam may form.
  • Drain the hot tub, clean the jets with plenty of water and rinse the wall with a garden hose. Persistent deposits may require the use of cleaner.
  • Fill the spa, and reinstall the pre-cleaned filter cartridge(s). Clean and reinstall the chlorinator, if equipped.

The SpaClean treatment is ideally used every 12 weeks, before draining.

SpaClean is a highly corrosive product and should be handled with the utmost care. Wear gloves and protective clothing as well as eye and face protection.
Never mix with any other product. Never dissolve before use. Never subject to any mechanical treatment.

1 litre. One bottle allows four treatments for a 1500 litre spa, or one treatment for a swimming spa.

Countries delivered
We supply HTH SpaClean for private individuals in all states of the European Union except Finland.
Please note that this product can only be resold in France, Germany and Austria.


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