HTH pH pack

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A good pH balance improves the effectiveness of the disinfectant and ensures the comfort of bathing. Be sure to get a balanced pH with this complete HTH pack. It contains one pH Increaser, one Alkanal pH Stabiliser and one pH Reducer.

Control the pH of your spa water. Add as needed to maintain the pH between 7,2 and 7,6.

  • pH Increaser raises the pH.
  • Alkanal pH Stabiliser increases the total alkalinity of the spa water and stabilises its pH. If you have soft tap water, we recommend that you add 100-200 g of pH Stabiliser each time you refill your spa.
  • pH Reducer lowers the pH.

pH Increaser: 1.2kg
Alkanal: 1.2kg
pH Reducer: 2kg


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