HTH Bromine tablets

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HTH Bromine tablets - Click to enlarge
HTH Bromine tablets - Click to enlarge
HTH Bromine tablets - Click to enlarge

Bromine is a very effective spa water sanitiser. It is a regular disinfectant without active chlorine: it is excellent at killing bacteria and is popular with hot tub owners because it doesn't have the unpleasant odour associated with chlorine. HTH Bromine Tablets dissolve slowly and evenly to continuously disinfect your spa. The 1" tablets are easy to use with our floating bromine feeder.

  • Slow dissolving tablets 20g
  • Active ingredient content (BCDMH) higher than 96%
  • Excellent disinfectant activity, regardless the pH of the treated water

If your spa has a 24-hour filtration pump, you can place HTH bromine tablets directly in the skimmer basket or - where available - in a built-in tablet feeding system. If your spa does not have a 24-hour filtration pump, you should use a floating bromine feeder.

We recommend that you use bromine in conjunction with non-chlorine shock. Add non-chlorine shock to the water once a week to refresh the spa, or whenever you've had more spa users than usual (e.g. after a party!).

To start bromine treatment, do not hesitate to follow the tips of our team!

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We supply HTH Bromine tablets for private individuals in all states of the European Union except Finland.
Please note that this product can only be resold in France, Germany and Austria.

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Innovative Water Care Europe : D800201

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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