Keypads compatible with Balboa BP-series systems

BP control systems are compatible with Balboa TP and Spatouch series keyboards.

Please note that all TP and SpaTouch panels will work with all BP systems, but some combinations may have too few or way too many buttons for a given application.In case of doubt, please check the documentation for your hot tub control system, or contact us.
Balboa TP400T control panel
In stock
Balboa TP400W control panel
In stock
Balboa TP500 control panel
In stock
Balboa TP600 CE control panel
In stock
Balboa TP800 control panel
COVID-19: lead time uncertain
Balboa TP900 control panel
In stock
Balboa spaTouch control panel - square
spaTouch square
In stock
Balboa spaTouch oval control panel
spaTouch oval
In stock
Balboa spaTouch 2 control panel - trapezoid
spaTouch 2 trapezoid
In stock
Balboa AX10 auxiliary panel
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Balboa wireless round remote
Wireless round remote
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