3-part union 2" F to 2" M/1.5" F

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3-part union 2" F to 2" M/1.5" F - Click to enlarge

This 3-piece union or coupler allows you to connect a 2-inch rigid or flexible) pipe to a 1.5-inch (rigid or flexible pipe together.

It can also be used to connect two 2-inch pipes with the addition of a 2-inch female connector on its thinner end.

This union assembly is very useful as it allows you to easily disconnect the pipes afterwards for maintenance purposes, as compared to a glued 2"F to 1.5"F reducer, for example.

Inside diameter large side : 60 mm (for 2-inch pipe)
Inside diameter small side : 48 mm (for 1.5-inch pipe)
Outside diameter small side : 60 mm (takes 2" pipe fittings)

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