Ozone and UV-C disinfection

Here you will find everything you need to enjoy your spa with confidence by treating your water system with our selection of ozonators and UV-C disinfection systems.

We provide ozonators by corona discharge (CD), where the air passes through a strong electrical discharge that breaks down the molecules to transform them into ozone. These ozonators improve the quality of your water and reduces (but does not eliminate!) the use of chemicals such as chlorine, bromine or active oxygen. You will find here a wide range of ozonators and spare parts for their installation so you can clean your spa's water with ozone.

The UV-C disinfection systems use an ultraviolet lamp often referred to as a "germicide", which emits ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 254 nanometers (nm). This gives the radiation a destructive effect on the cells, which is ideal for highly effective disinfection of spa water while reducing the use of chlorine and other chemicals.

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