Waterway Cluster Jet spa jets

Jets from the Cluster Jet range have two parts:

  • A socket, which is fixed on the spa's shell and connected to the water circulation system.
  • The jet itself, which fits into the socket.
Since all of the jets in this range have the same socket, you can freely interchange any two Cluster Jet jets, to change up the massage type or the look of your spa.

These thread-in Waterway Cluster Jets are interchangeable with the CMP Cluster Jets, both series having the same thread. However, they are not compatible with Waterway's Cluster Storm range ! Despite their similar names, the two jet series are completely different.

Waterway Cluster Jet - Standard
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Waterway Cluster Jet - Directional
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Waterway Cluster Jet - Roto
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Flat gasket for Waterway Cluster jet
32 mm Cluster flat gasket
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