Capacitors for pumps

The capacitor's function is to absorb and release the necessary power to start your pump. The determine which replacement capacitor you need, check its power, written in microfarads (F), and find its match in our products.

We offer capacitors with wires or spade connectors, ranging from 5F to 65F, for your circulation or massage pumps. Most capacitors still work within a 5% range of the ideal value.

If your pump is buzzing but not spinning, it's probably because of a faulty capacitor. Try starting the pump with a screwdriver behind the motor. If the pump has 2 speeds, try starting it at the higher speed. In both cases, if it starts, it is highly likely that the capacitor is the source of the problem. To test it, you need to use a multimeter.

If nothing works after all these tests, please contact us or your usual spa technician.

5F capacitor
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6.3F capacitor
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7.5F capacitor
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8F capacitor
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10F capacitor
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12F capacitor
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16F capacitor with wires
16F with wires
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25f capacitor with wires
25f with wires
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30F capacitor
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35-36F capacitor
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45F capacitor
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50-63F capacitor
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60F capacitor
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