Box of 6 HTH 3 in 1 Sparkling Water

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Box of 6!
We also sell single water clarifier.

HTH Sparkling Water 3 in 1 clarifier helps to keep the water of your spa crystal clear by eliminating algae, scale deposits and metal staining from your hot tub.

It is a adjunctive therapy regardless of the ideal disinfectant, and optimizes the water treatment.

HTH Sparkling Water 3 in 1 fights against many nuisances: algae proliferation, water tends to cloud (TH, high temperatures...), presence of metallic ions (iron, copper, manganese). Use it when the water has a dull or slightly cloudy look, but the sanitiser and pH readings are in the correct ranges.

How to use it

  • As a preventive treatment: to optimize the quality of your water, simply put 2 caps per 1000 liters of water every 2 weeks
  • To treat water that is already cloudy : 4 caps per 1000 liters of water in a single step

HTH Sparkling Water 3 in 1 is a flocculant: it causes microscopic suspended particles in your spa water to clump together, so that they can be removed more efficiently by your filter.

Water clarifier is only intended to treat mildly cloudy water or dull water. Seriously cloudy or green water is often a sign of bacteria in your spa (and if it smells bad then you definitely have bacteria). The best approach in this case is to rinse your spa with Spa System Flush and refill it with clean water.

6 x 1 litre


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