Box of 6 HTH Filter cleaner

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Box of 6!

Filter Cleaner is a deep cleaning solution for your spa filters. It is designed to dissolve and lift away dirt, body oils, lotion residues and scale which can reduce the effectiveness of your filter.

A clean filter is vital if you want to have clean, sparkling water in your hot tub. Take good care of your spa filter by rinsing it regularly (once per week to once a month depending on use) and deep cleaning it in Filter Cleaner a minimum of every three months or whenever it starts to look brown.

To use Filter Cleaner, dilute it 9 to 1 in a bucket large enough to submerge the filter. Soak the filter overnight and then rinse thoroughly. For best results, let the filters dry and then tap or vacuum out any remaining dust. If your filter is very large, you may need more than one bottle to make up enough solution to cover the filter.

Money-saving tip
Store the diluted solution in a covered container. You can safely reuse it 4 to 10 times, depending on how dirty your filters get.

6 x 1 liter


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