Box of 6 HTH Alkanal alcalinity increasers

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Box of 6 HTH Alkanal alcalinity increasers - Click to enlarge

Box of 6!
We also sell single stabilizer.

Low Total Alkalinity (also known as TAC) can make it difficult to maintain the pH of your hot tub water between 7.2 and 7.6. Use HTH Alkanal to increase the total alkalinity of your spa water and (surprise!) to stabilise its pH.

If you have soft tap water, we recommend that you add 100-200 g of pH Stabiliser each time you refill your spa.

pH Stabiliser contains sodium bicarbonate, which also makes the spa water feel softer on your skin.

Note: HTH Spa has redesigned this reference, so you could read "Alkanal" on the presentation label rather than "pH stabiliser". It is the same product.

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6 x 1.2 kg

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HTH Spa : S800852HA


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