Balboa BP2100 G1 PCB, reconditioned

540,00€ 399,00€
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540,00€ 399,00€
Balboa BP2100 G1 PCB, reconditioned - Click to enlarge

This reconditioned "old generation" motherboard in perfect working order is the printed circuit board for the Balboa BP2100 G1 control system. With its 3 kW heater, it can handle:

  • A circulation pump
  • Up to 3 single or two-speed pumps
  • A blower
  • An ozonator
  • A projector
  • The audio system
It is associated with the 55138 X-P332C extension card.

Note: Balboa has recently changed the configuration of this motherboard, with sockets in different locations. Both versions are fully compatible with each other.

6 months Tubs Parts warranty

Part numbers
Balboa : 56392-02, 56391-04

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